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Construction projects of the following objects are subjected to the obligatory expertise: objects which are constructed with the involvement of budget funds, funds of state and communal enterprises, institutions and organizations, as well as loans provided under state guarantees, if their estimated value exceeds UAH 300 thousand – in terms of the estimated parts of the design documentation.


For certain cities, regions of Ukraine, it can be established conditions for the necessity of carrying out an examination of the estimated part of the design documentation of construction and cost sheets of repairing works performed at the expense of the city budget. *


To conclude an agreement, the following documents are required:


* For example, Ordinance of the Executive Body of the Kyiv City Council (KSCA) dated May 26, 2016, № 358

** Ordering party of the assessment can be an ordering party of the construction or a project designer, if it is stipulated by the agreement for the execution of design work (clause 3.6. DSTU 8907:2019 “Organization manual for carrying out expert examination of construction project drawings and specifications”) .

*** Ordering party of the construction can delegate the assessment ordering party’s authorities to project designer by providing a corresponding letter. In this case, for the conclusion of the agreement it must be submitted: order letter of the ordering party of construction, letter of delegation the authorities of the ordering party of the construction, order letter of the project designer.



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